Babe Formula
July 2021

Babe Formula: The 'Crown' We Always Wear, And Never Take Off

This has been an incredible game-changer for Babe Formula! Thanks to micro-influencers and their endorsements, you may have seen Babe Formula products on our social media feeds.

Services Included

Wix CRM, Velo by Wix, UI/UX Design, Backend Management, Frontend Dynamic Content

Success Proof

1M Followers on Instagram.

Project Overview

Babe Formula is a local startup brand specialising in reviving sweaty post-workout hair using all-natural substances that are gentle for everyday use. It has been a game changer for them! We created a panel for Babe Formula to process thousands of applications from resellers.


We use databases for approved resellers. Resellers can create online profiles for their businesses, ensuring that they are the real deal. Also, we created tiers for the resellers so they have a different design depending on what tier they are. We also boosted the process of selling with Wix by saving 90% of the hours used.

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The Babe Formula team is always on the go! Babe Formula manages all of their resellers online, using Wix. We made a panel for them to process thousands of applications from sellers - this has been an incredible game-changer for Babe Formula! They’ve even had feedback that they receive faster approvals and responses with our system in place. This saves Babe Formula's team time (and money) while also providing more potential opportunities to grow their business through increased sales volume.

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